A huge part of our Italian history is landing in America with bags full of unique flavors. Ongoing studies and innovation across every phase of production have always carried us far to the point that today we have finally come to you with the best selection of products characterized by a perfect balance of quality and taste.
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the founder
“I founded my company in Milan, Italy, in 1943. My ambition has always been to create innovative meat products, constantly updating and inventing new technologies on my own, striving for excellence. Passion for high quality, innovative, creative and natural food led my family business to become a major trustworthy company in Italy leveraging on the same family values and identity. The same values and passion I am now sharing with you.”
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New Jersey 1st plan
Rovagnati has been focusing on the US market since 2017.Today it is supplying the foodservice channel via distributors and in multiple Eataly’s locations. There is still a long way but Geographical coverage in foodservice channel growing fast through partnership with an increasing number of distributors. The product range consists of a selection of imported whole products.
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Technological innovation to achieve the highest food safety standards Certified BRC, IFS, USDA.
R&D INVESTEMENTS to develop unique products.
Commitment to sustainability with Rovagnati Responsible Quality long-term program.
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Rovagnati Qualità Responsabile is what we call our Corporate Social Responsibility program. Through this program we promote sustainable development, focusing everything we do based on quality, people and the environment.
product range
VIP: Very Important Prosciutto
Italian salumi is one of the food that heavily represents Italian food culture and its values. A versatile product, perfect for many consumption occasions from lunch to snacks and dinner. From the very beginning, Rovagnati has always committed to support Italian tradition through its premium charcuterie range, covering all product categories.
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Mini Prosciutto Cotto: Love Eat!
Rovagnati has launched a completely new line in the search for incredible and innovative flavors: Mini Prosciutto cotto. Mini prosciutto cotto (1.1. lb) produced according to practice and tradition, perfect for the home kitchen. Free of nitrites and nitrates, and 97% fat free, it is ideal for preparing healthy but also tasty meals thanks to the vast range of available flavors.
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Cooked Ham: Love Eat!
A 100% Italian tradition that only needs to be tasted in any way. This product is created by starting with whole fresh and carefully selected pig legs, hand-butchered, rubbed with herbs and spices and finally steam cooked slowly.
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Prosciutto Crudo: Love Eat!
Considered the prince of Italian prosciutto crudo because of its unique taste and specialized handling. This product is created by carefully selecting fresh swine legs that are then slowly dried with sea salt in special curing rooms.
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Mortadella: Love Eat!
A product with ancient origins, it is created thanks to its combination of fresh and pricely cuts of pork, cooked slowly inside traditional brick ovens. Its aroma is unmistakeable just like its flavor cannot be duplicated.
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Salami: Love Eat!
A victorious flavor, created from the combination of the highest quality meats. With ancient roots, born from the selection and combining of prestigious cuts of pork, enriched with spices and other ingredients, and then finally encased for slow curing. This is exquisite Italian, unique because of its unmistakable taste and aroma.
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Porchetta: Love Eat!
This Italian specialty offers characteristic aroma and intense flavor. As the undisputed queen of Italian street food, Porchetta is produced beginning with rolled pork loin and bacon enriched with herbs and spices. Roasting brings forth its intense flavors and creates that unique external crust that just explodes in taste.

Exclusive use of carefully selected fresh meat respecting the highest quality standards.

Safety at first: quality checks are constantly made throughout the whole supply chain from raw material selection to packaging.

Delicately oven steamed to preserve the natural taste of the meat and make the product digestible.

A safe products thanks to the continuos safety controls Rovagnati make to respect the highest safety standards.

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    Cotto: A Whole New Meaning for Prosciutto